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Benefits of Interior Signage Every Business Should Know

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I came across a phrase yesterday that stuck in my mind. “First Impressions Last” is a simple phrase, but I believe it to be very true. When we were designing and building our new Headquarters in Plymouth, Michigan. The only goal I had in mind was making sure we were building a clean, bright, and organized printing plant that would leave an impression on our clients and vendors. I wanted this to be the nicest print and mail facility they had ever been to. 

One of the most common things I hear from visitors is how they like our interior signage we have throughout the building. I happily tell them we designed, created, and installed all of the signage and floor graphics here. Indoor signage can make a powerful statement in your home of business. Fun and attractive wall and window signage can help establish your brand and help deliver your company’s message.

Incorporate Interior Signage to Educate Customers

Thoughtful interior signage can be used to help educate your customers on all aspects of your business. I have found that many times customers do not know all of our services. Now we have to take every opportunity to tell them about other services we provide that they do not use with us. Interior signs and wall graphics can highlight all of your services or help define your company culture to clients, visitors, vendors, and employees.

Encourage Clients & Staff with Custom Floor and Wall Graphics

Both clients and employees might be inspired or motivated by a well designed custom made floor or wall graphic. The framed inspirational quotes hanging under heavy glass on a wall looks outdated. At Hatteras, our team can work with you to help create custom designs and images. 

Interior Signage Can Raise your Brand Awareness

Interior signage for a business is most likely the first thing customers see when they enter your building.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to create brand awareness among your customers and potential buyers. A large wall display could include your logo or a collage of your equipment or services, which can help attract new sales. By placing it strategically in your lobby and welcome areas, you can constantly remind your customers about the goods and services you offer. We would recommend you customize indoor signs with your company’s color scheme, logos, taglines, or slogans which can enhance your brand 

Praise your Employees With Interior Signage Displays

Nearly everyone likes a little good attention. Use interior signage to showcase your employee's professional and personal accomplishments.  The Hatteras design studio could help you create and print wide format displays to highlight special employees who will appreciate your acknowledgment. We commonly see our customers create signage for employees who have hit milestone anniversaries like 15, 20, or more years of dedicated service. 

Use Directional Signage for Navigation Purposes

Large format interior signage is not just for marketing purposes. Interior signage can be used to print directional signs to make it easier for your customers, vendors, and employees to navigate around your facility. Many people consider these specific types of signage to be called wayfinding signs. Malls, retail, and grocery stores commonly use wayfinding signs to help shoppers locate products. In the spring of 2020, we were all introduced to directional interior signage with the use of social distancing campaigns. 

Interior signage is a creative way to promote your company and market to your customers, vendors, and employees. 

Take advantage of the outdoors with banner signage. 

There are many different types of interior signage but don’t forget the exterior of your building for marketing solutions with banner signage. Banner signage can be easily changeable and if you take care of them they can be reused for the different seasons. Banner signage for highlighting an upcoming sale or any other important information you would like to get out to the general public. Outdoor signage can also help you reach more potential customers with people driving by. Banners are made with a special vinyl substrate and can withstand water and wind. 

Custom Interior Signage Solutions From Hatteras

Let us help you create a beautiful space at your home or office. If you’d like a tour of our facility to see some of our signage please contact us at news@4hatteras.com or click here to see how we can help you with your custom signage and window solutions.

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