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Detroit Embroidery Trends in 2023

What is embroidery? The popular fashion website Business of Fashion defines embroidery as “Embroidery is the skilled technique of embellishing and decorating a garment by hand (or machine) using stitches in silks and yarns and sometimes including sequins, beads, feathers, and pearls.”

How to Select the Best Book Printing Company

Whether you are a self-publisher or work at a publishing company choosing the best book printing...

Scrap Your Direct Mail Plan

If your current plan with direct mail looks a lot like most companies’ plans, scrap it.

3 Reasons Your Printing Company Should Use Upgraded Equipment

Should I Care if My Printing Company Upgrades Their Print and Bindery Equipment?


Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Keegan, Merchandising & Screen Printing Intern

Where do you attend college, and what is your major?  What is your favorite class?  When is your...

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Commercial Printing Company

There are many important factors that should be considered before making the decision on a printing...

Binding Methods To Make Your Commercial Printing Project Shine

Binding Methods To Make Your Printing Project Shine


Saddle Stitch Binding

Suited for smaller...

Printing Services During the Holidays

Take advantage of Print Services This Holiday Season

All of us know that our in-boxes are flooded...

Employee Spotlight: Jeff Brethauer- Screen Printer and Embroidery Expert

What is your role at Hatteras?

I am part of the team that started the embroidery and screen...

Commercial Print & Mail Best Practices

With various options available to reach consumers, evaluating print and how you use print as a...