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Hatteras, Inc Implements Ironsides Nor’Star APT Software and Camera Validation Systems

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Leading commercial and transactional printer ensues 100% mail integrity with Nor’Star APT and expands services to industries requiring high-levels of document compliance.

Westford, MA. June 06, 2022 – Ironsides Technology, a leading provider of automated production tracking and business intelligence for the printing, mailing, and fulfillment industries, announced that Hatteras, Inc. and FocusOne, a division of Hatteras, have successfully implemented Nor’Star APT System for their digital print and mail operations.

Hatteras processes millions of transactional and commercial mail pieces each month and must demonstrate 100% mail integrity with real-time visibility into reporting for customers. Nor’Star APT is part of Hatteras’ larger strategic vision to provide next-generation mail accuracy technology that is highly automated and eliminates the possibility of human error. The investment in the Ironsides solution enables Hatteras and FocusOne to expand existing services and applications within industries requiring the highest levels of document compliance and end customer transparency.

Nor’Star APT system provides Hatteras and FocusOne with 100% piece level reconciliation across their digital print, finishing, and inserting equipment. The system reconciles real-time job data with multiple barcode methodologies read by cameras as the machines operate. Any deviation from production expectation, such as a machine jam, will divert the piece keeping it out of the mail stream. All deviations are handled in “touch and toss” with real-time reprint automation. If a person must intervene in the process and touch a piece, it is shredded, and the data record is routed for reprint. This eliminates human error induced by trying to manually reconstruct the sequence of the data file.

“In a time of increasing regulatory scrutiny and legal liability for mailers, our clients rest easier knowing that Hatteras and FocusOne continue to invest in the latest technology to ensure 100% print and mail accuracy,” said James Nesbitt, CEO of Hatteras.

The Ironsides Nor’Star APT software is designed to help print and communication providers such as Hatteras meet strict customer and regulatory requirements. Its open architecture and device agnostic framework easily integrates into Hatteras’s multi-vendor production environment for automated job and piece level tracking across all print, bindery, insertion, hand assembly, and sorting processes. Hatteras can leverage the Nor’Star APT Dashboard to consolidate data from multiple departments for centralized reporting on their production process. The dashboard contains a device monitor, SLA Manager, and detailed operational reporting tools that deliver real-time measurement and analysis of the job, machine, employee, and facility performance. Hatteras production staff and management can use this information to identify and fix potential bottlenecks and optimize production performance.

“We are excited to work with Hatteras and FocusOne to meet their organizational goals to deliver enhanced quality and automation to the customer communication process,” said T.J. Forsythe, Vice President of Sales at Ironsides Technology. “The Nor’Star APT solution is valuable for tactical operations management and business growth. As industry regulations tighten around customer communications, Hatteras and FocusOne are well-positioned to meet evolving market requirements in an agile and efficient manner.”

About Hatteras and Focus One
Founded in 1977, Hatteras, Inc, and Focus One, a division of Hatteras, is a leading delivery company providing leading-edge technology and the highest quality in consumer communications in print, electronic delivery, publishing, and marketing apparel. The company improves operations and revenue recovery for customers in the accounts receivable management (ARM) market, healthcare, and federal, state, and local governments. Headquartered in Plymouth, MI, the company has a state-of-the-art facility utilizing the latest printing and inserting technologies. With over 100 employees, Hatteras and Focus One can handle any printing and mailing project regardless of size, using industry-leading software to manage clients’ printing and electronic delivery requirements on time and on budget. They serve over 600 customers, including federal, state, and municipal government customers, Fortune 500 companies and some of the largest ARM companies in the nation. For more information, visit www.4hatteras.com

About Ironsides Technology
Ironsides Technology is a software development and integration company providing business intelligence and end-to-end integrity tracking solutions to document factories, commercial printers, mail fulfillment, and packaging industries. Ironsides Nor’Star System combines real-time data collection with automated production monitoring, reporting, and cost analytics to provide real-time tracking, visibility. and cost analysis for all work in process as it moves through a production workflow, from prepress, production, finishing, sorting, mailing and shipping. The Nor’Star System ensures 100 percent distribution, SLA compliance, reprint automation, and provides robust operational and productivity reporting to help inkjet, continuous-feed and cut sheet printing customers better manage their businesses. The result is a best-of-breed automated document factory (ADF) tracking strategy to ensure personalized client communications are processed efficiently and with the highest level of accuracy and compliance. For more information, visit www.ironsidestech.com