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The Hatteras Career Corner: We Offer a New Generation of Commercial Printing Jobs

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If you are just getting started in selecting or considering a career, today's leading-edge commercial printing companies leverage leading-edge digital technologies and processes that pay well, challenge you, and deliver rewarding benefits in terms of a career. 

Over the past decade, the print industry has received a bad rap.  Printing may conjure up thoughts of dark and messy pressrooms filled with dirty equipment. Well, I can promise that you will not find that at Hatteras. Hatteras is ushering in a new era of print. We have spent over 10 million dollars and two years building a best-in-class print and mail facility. We are happy to report that, thanks to a consumer market that is over-saturated with email and online marketing, commercial print and mail is making a huge comeback.

Commercial Printing Is More Than Ink on Paper

Most people I meet think commercial print means just ink on paper. At Hatteras, we offer a lot more than ink on paper. We offer:

  • floor graphics
  • design services
  • data services
  • book printing
  • signs
  • apparel printing
  • embroidery
  • distribution services
  • specialty binding
  • customized digital storefronts
  • mail services 
  • advertising specialty products   

It’s not often that I come across a print project that we cannot produce.  

I would also strongly encourage young adults, high school seniors, and recent graduates to consider working in the print field.  There are numerous opportunities for paid training and advancement.  Many executives in print management started on the plant floor and worked their way into management or senior management role.  When I go to a career fair or speak with younger applicants one of the most common questions I am asked is “what do you do every day in the printing industry?”  My answer is one of the things I love most about my job.  Every day is different.  Print involves working with people, working with your hands, being creative, and offering advice.  It is never boring and most days completely fly by.  I love the energy and fast-paced environment.  

At Hatteras, we are trying to recruit a new generation of print professionals. We encourage everyone, especially younger applicants, to explore a career in print communications. We are looking for a great attitude, a willingness to learn, and a fresh perspective. We offer 100% paid training and enroll all new employees into our Hatteras University Training Program. Hatteras University is a 10-week course that teaches the fundamentals of print and mail. New employees will work alongside senior management and their peers to learn everything that print has to offer. 

Please visit our Careers page to learn more about working at Hatteras. I look forward to seeing your resume soon.


About Hatteras Inc.

Hatteras, Inc. is a full-service design, data, apparel, print, and mail company headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. Hatteras services major corporate partners in a broad cross-section of industries from automotive to healthcare to direct marketing to the public sector. Hatteras specializes in high-quality offset, digital, screen, and large format printing. For more information, visit www.4hatteras.com, call 313.624.3300 or email cservice@4hatteras.com.

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