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Expert Tips: How important is Data Security When Choosing a Transactional & Direct Mail Print Service Provider

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Many of us have heard the buzz that the world is moving away from print communication and focusing attention to a more digital format.  Most transactional print industry experts are refuting these as “rumors” and say they are exaggerated.  Billing statements,  transactional mail and direct mail are extremely important communication with consumers.  Direct mail printing and transactional mailings, like medical billing and statement printing  are sometimes the consumers first impression and when designed correctly can be an opportunity for additional up-selling and marketing.  Choosing the right mail outsourcing and transactional print and mail vendor shouldnt be strictly about having the lowest price.

Why Choose a Transactional Print and Direct Mail Vendor That Specializes in Data Security and Compliance

A vendor’s data security and compliance is not necessarily an important attribute when it comes to print and mailing of brochures. However, transactional print and mail like medical billing statements and collection letters are fiercely regulated by state and federal agencies. HIPAA was created to protect the personal information of consumers and patients and the methods of how businesses attempt to communicate with them.

These state and federal agencies have the authority to fine and prosecute and even incarcerate if data is breached and consumers' protections are violated. At Hatteras, we take our data security and privacy very seriously. We go to extreme lengths to protect our clients and their clients.  Here are 5 things we do every day at Hatteras to protect our clients:

  1. All data is fully encrypted at rest and in transit, using modern encryption algorithms. This data remains encrypted while in our possession, and is not accessible to employees. Any access to your data requires internal authorization and a documented business purpose for needing access.
  2. The file processing, PDF letter generation, printing, and inserting process is entirely automated, requiring no human review of the print files. Any letters damaged in the process are automatically regenerated and reintroduced into the process stream.
  3. All printing occurs in a secure room. Access to that room is strictly controlled. Cell phones and cameras are prohibited, and employees are under surveillance of each other and surveillance cameras. Any damaged letters are stored in a locked container, and are securely shredded on site by an approved vendor.
  4. All Hatteras employees are required to pass an extensive background check. All visitors are escorted around our building at all times.
  5. Hatteras encourages our clients to tour our secure, clean and organized facility. Come meet our team and spend some time with us.  The investment of your time will help confirm our serious commitment to security and compliance. 

At Hatteras, we understand that unlike traditional print and mail marketing, transactional print and mail is heavily based on customers' data.  These print projects have a clear purpose and include a lot of personal or confidential information.  We work everyday to secure all of our clients data and all of their letters in whatever format they choose. 

To learn more about our digital printing services or our transactional print division, FocusOne please visit https://www.4hatteras.com/transactional-documents

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