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What’s Fueling Production Inkjet Printing Growth?

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Production inkjet printing delivers results that traditional toner digital and offset technologies can’t by producing high volumes of variable content at a lower cost, without sacrificing document quality.

Production inkjet printing has lower per-page costs compared with toner and ink processes. It optimizes print projects to drive out cost. For example, using blank rolls of paper for white paper-in printing saves money versus creating and warehousing offset pre-printed shells for digital overprinting at a later time. 

If you are still printing and paying for master product sheets and then paying to store them and finally waiting to put digital data on them, you are missing out on this technology and overspending for your variable printing needs. 

The Benefits of Production Inkjet Printing

The benefits of production inkjet printing can be summed up in one phrase: production Inkjet does it all in one pass with tremendous savings.

Fast Turnaround

With its ability to produce one-step personalized full-color documents without the use of pre-printed shells, inkjet printing has important print implications for improved turnaround time and direct mail flexibility. 

High-speed color inkjet document printing systems take this value beyond shorter runs and extend it to larger campaigns that can be targeted and segmented in innovative ways, linking to other tools that marketers have to reach new and existing customers.


Revenue Growth

Another bottom-line benefit of production inkjet is its potential for revenue growth. Achieving this goal often requires re-engineering static offset jobs to inkjet to leverage variable data, thus adding relevance and value, without sacrificing quality. 

Production inkjet transforms digital applications:

  • By creating more effective personalized campaigns that can be versioned to one on one marketing.
  • By creating improved revenue collection letters that can be more specific and relevant.
  • Creating more in less production time as the print capacity increases with its speed.
  • Creating broader custom document capabilities that are variable.

The production inkjet opportunity lies in print applications. Production inkjet supports high-value marketing applications that help marketers activate effective, measurable strategies. With production inkjet, the products that you are using today printed on other technologies could become more cost-effective. Inkjet can also help you transform that same work to make it more compelling and drive new levels of response rates and revenue growth.


Image Quality

Outstanding image quality and ever-expanding media choices have also positioned production inkjet equipment to handle customized communications for large audiences quickly, cost-effectively, and with strong results. This aligns with what marketers want and need according to the Direct Marketing Association:

  • 92% of marketers expect the amount of direct mail to increase.
  • 39% of marketers want to provide more tailored offerings driven by data.
  • 74% of marketers are adding targeted messages and versioning to transactional communications.

As production inkjet technology has matured, it’s resulted in tremendous growth and broader appeal to more markets and programs. The operational efficiencies of inkjet align with trends like more sophisticated personalization. 

When marketers supplement inkjet print with email, web, mobile, and other digital channels in omnichannel campaigns, consumers can interact with brands on their own terms. 

Relevant, attractive communications boost traffic, improve customer experience, and ultimately drive more revenue. Research from the DMA has shown this can increase profits by up to 60% over a print-only approach. No wonder production inkjet gets the attention of marketers.

Take Advantage of Production Inkjet Printing from Hatteras

As we continue to navigate these unprecedented times, investigate how you can put production inkjet principles of value, simplicity, and opportunity into action. Examining how production inkjet systems can be fully leveraged and integrated into your overall print work should be a priority. 

At Hatteras, Inc. we have an HP T240 Page Wide Production Inkjet press that is state-of-the-art and helps us produce full-color variable documents for our customers. It is a high-definition press that can print at high speeds for less. 

Learn how production inkjet printing can help you, contact us today at 313-624-3300 or connect with a print specialist. 


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