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A Beginner’s Guide to EDDM Mailings

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At Hatteras, we have designed, printed, and mailed hundreds of millions of letters over the past 45 years. Throughout these years, we have earned a strong reputation as an authority in the print and mail industry. We work with clients every day who are looking for additional cost-efficient mail options. Over the next few months, we will break down all of the details on EDDM and if this type of mailing fits your marketing goals. If at any time you have questions, contact us for additional information - or send us a chat.

What Exactly is EDDM?

EDDM is a bulk mailing option that is provided by the United State Postal Service. This mailing option is ideal for businesses looking to reach a large audience without the need for individual addresses or mailing lists. 

The advantages of EDDM include:

  • EDDM is the most affordable way to reach thousands of homes or businesses through the mail. EDDM requires less mail preparation from the USPS and, in turn, saves customers on postage expenses. EDDM requires no mailing lists. Instead of targeting specific individuals, households, or businesses, you pick a specific carrier route, and your mail will be delivered to every address on that route along with that route’s daily mail. You can choose these routes based on the highest density of recipients who match your target demographics. Routes are commonly selected based on household income, age range, and shopping preferences. 

*Important Point to Remember:  There is no personalization for EDDM campaigns. EDDM mailings are designed to target your audience, but they are not customized to each recipient. 

At Hatteras, we have a lot of experience in helping create designs for EDDM mailings.  If you have any questions, click here to send me an email bzbozen@4hatteras.com

Come back next month when we discuss EDDM mailings and who should and who shouldn’t use EDDM marketing campaigns. 

For more information about EDDM, download this EDDM fact sheet from the USPS, or contact a Hatteras specialist.

At Hatteras, we understand speciality advertising and promotional items. We are a member of the ASI association, which allows us to offer more products and better savings to our clients. We can help you create a budget for your investment. Our creative team will assist with your design and our buyers can work with you on new and exciting items for your giveaways.

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