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Benefits of the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Printing Press

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Digital printing is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors in the printing industry. Our HP Indigo 7000 is arguably one of the best digital presses available. There are virtually no set-up costs or printing plates, which is perfect for high-quality projects that require a quicker turnaround time. Another advantage of digital printing is the print customization feature. 

Our press prints variable data for complex personalization on your projects. Digital printing is an ideal solution for small to medium-sized print runs. Our digital print quality is consistent and can compete with traditional printing methods.  


Benefits of the HP Indigo 7000 Digital Printing Press Infographic


Characteristics of Our HP Indigo 7000 Press

  • Maximum sheet size 13 x 19 and thickness of 22 pt
  • Variable data and imaging 
  • Prints on a wide variety of paper stock, including linens, adhesive, clings magnets, and synthetic materials
  • Print inks include white and silver
  • Ideal for short-run booklets, brochures, letters, direct mailers, postcards

Benefits of Our HP Indigo 7000 Digital Printing Press

  1. White Ink Printing: The HP Indigo 7000 Digital Printing Press offers the capability to print with white ink. This feature allows for vibrant, high-contrast designs on colored and transparent substrates, opening up a world of creative possibilities for your printing projects.
  2. Perfect Registration: Achieving precise alignment and registration is critical in high-quality printing. The HP Indigo 7000 excels in maintaining perfect registration, ensuring that text and images are accurately placed on every page, enhancing the overall professionalism of your printed materials.
  3. Design Flexibility: With the HP Indigo 7000, you have the freedom to explore various design options. Whether you want to experiment with unique layouts, colors, or finishes, this printing press offers the flexibility to bring your creative visions to life.
  4. No Color Limitation: Unlike traditional printing methods that have limitations on the number of colors, the HP Indigo 7000 has no such constraints. You can print a wide range of colors, gradients, and shades, allowing you to replicate intricate and vibrant artwork with precision.
  5. Print on Demand: This digital printing press is ideal for on-demand printing. Whether you need a short run of brochures or personalized marketing materials, the HP Indigo 7000 can efficiently handle these tasks, eliminating the need for large print runs and reducing waste.
  6. Precision Color Matching: Consistency in color across various print jobs is vital for brand identity. The HP Indigo 7000 excels in precision color matching, ensuring that your brand's colors are faithfully reproduced every time.
  7. Unlimited Variable Data: Variable data printing allows you to customize each printed piece with unique information, such as names, addresses, or personalized messages. The HP Indigo 7000 can seamlessly integrate variable data into your print jobs, making it an excellent choice for direct mail campaigns and personalized marketing materials.
  8. Short Lead Times and Reduced Costs: Digital printing offers shorter lead times compared to traditional offset printing. This means you can get your materials to market faster, responding quickly to changing needs. Additionally, the reduced setup costs for digital printing can lead to cost savings for shorter print runs.
  9. Consistent Quality: The HP Indigo 7000 is known for its consistent print quality. You can rely on it to produce sharp, high-resolution images and text consistently, ensuring that your brand's reputation is upheld through your printed materials.
  10. Short and Long Run Projects: Whether you have a small, one-time project or a large, ongoing print campaign, the HP Indigo 7000 can accommodate your needs. It is equally capable of handling short-run, personalized materials as well as longer print runs for marketing collateral.
  11. Advanced Printing Technologies: This printing press incorporates advanced technologies to deliver exceptional print quality, durability, and versatility. It's designed to meet the demands of modern printing requirements.
  12. All Types of Finishing Equipment: The HP Indigo 7000 seamlessly integrates with various finishing equipment, allowing you to add special effects, coatings, and embellishments to your printed materials, further enhancing their appeal and impact.

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At Hatteras, we're not just printers; we're partners in your creative journey. We look forward to collaborating with you and demonstrating how our advanced digital printing capabilities can elevate your projects to new heights. Whether you have questions about our digital press, our printing process, or if you're curious about how we can take your printing projects to the next level, we're here to help. Learn more about our HP Indigo 7000 digital press or contact us today.  

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