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Detroit Embroidery Trends in 2023

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What is embroidery? The popular fashion website Business of Fashion defines embroidery as “Embroidery is the skilled technique of embellishing and decorating a garment by hand (or machine) using stitches in silks and yarns and sometimes including sequins, beads, feathers, and pearls.”

Embroidery dates back to the 5th century BC in Ancient China and is still crazy popular today. Embroidery can add extra appeal and attention to your apparel and accessories as nothing else can.

Embroidery is a very popular option that many businesses, clubs, organizations, and nonprofits use to advertise their products or services. Embroidery is definitely an effective way to elevate your design or logo. Over time, there have been changes and advancements in this popular apparel decorating option.

Here are a few of the Apparel and Accessory Embroidery Trends we are Following Into 2023:

  1.  Metallic Threads: Metallic threads used to be known for only special occasions like weddings. However, using a fun vibrant metallic thread is becoming more popular for celebrating the everyday. Metallic thread offers a rich brilliance that no other color can. Metallic = glamorous. 
  2.  Vintage Looks: Why do we love vintage? To some people, it is a way to fondly remember days gone by. Other people like the look of standing out. One big trend we see in Detroit Embroidery is a vintage look and feel to the custom shirts and accessories. A soft feel thread and a more muted color can help add dimension that screen printing can not offer. 
  3.  Embroidery on Jeans: In 2023 we will see more people customize their jeans with embroidery. Whether you choose to decorate the front, back, or down the side, denim is a good option for embroidery. We are not seeing full leg decorations but more simple patterns on denim. We are seeing a “less is more” vibe in 2023. Make sure you choose a thicker thread and a quality embroidery or screen printing company. Pinterest has thousands of design ideas for embroidery on denim. Get creative and let your unique style shine!

Hatteras Can Be Your One-Stop Embroidery Shop

Embroidery can be an important design element that can add some edge or color to any apparel, bags, or accessories. Hatteras specializes in custom apparel embroidery for all of your embroidery needs. Check back with us. We will continue to watch for new embroidery and screen printing trends in 2023.

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