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Printing Services During the Holidays

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Take advantage of Print Services This Holiday Season

All of us know that our in-boxes are flooded during the holiday season. If you are like me, you spend more time deleting these emails than actually reading them. 

In our increasingly digital world, it is becoming more difficult to sift through the massive amounts of information. If you are trying to increase the read rate of your information or you are simply trying to wish your audience more cheer, then we suggest you switch back to print media instead of participating in the digital exhaustion movement. 

Here are some of the ways you can make a better impression with your clients over the Holiday season.

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Direct Mail

Everyone that you know gets a wave of emails every day. Junk, spam, promotional, and work email get intertwined to make your inbox a wreck, however, everyone feels a little special seeing their name on a piece of direct mail. The power of direct, high-quality, personal mail is being underplayed by the world we live in today with the digital world. The use of brochures, postcards, flyers, and other print goods can be a great way to advertise any holiday sales you have or events planned for the holidays. Have your customers become more engaged with your business through direct mail and help them cut through the clutter of Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails.

Catalogs / Brochures

Some people believe that the use of catalogs is becoming outdated, however, marketers are still aware that expansive companies still use them today. Office Depot, Victoria’s Secret, and Lands End are just a few companies that actively know that customers like the ability to hold, see, and look through a catalog. If these larger-than-life companies still use print media, then it's a clear indication that print media matters and is useful. These companies understand that the holiday season is a time to reflect, spend time with loved ones, and spread joy, enhancing people's receptiveness of happiness. When companies see a visible catalog from your company, they truly understand the effort it takes to send the mail and appreciate it more.

Signage / Banner / Window Clings

Ensure that your customers know that you can supply them with signage, banner stands, and window clings. These marketing tools can be specially designed for the holiday season and have a relatively low cost. The colorful, imaginative, and creative physical design can be helpful for drawing new customers and driving new business. With the pandemic lockdowns, people are beginning to become burnt out on online shopping and are heading out into the world to do shopping. Our Graphics team can help design and build eye-catching displays. Creative signage is also a great way to contribute to your city's landscape during the Christmas season.

Holiday Greeting Cards

The Huffington Post printed an article titled “2020: The Year We Started Sending Christmas Cards Again.” The article speaks on how the pandemic has started a resurgence of old-school Christmas Cards. The writer also highlights that since 2020 the sales of Christmas cards have imploded and that the “Burst of festive correspondence is here to stay” The use of greeting cards can be a great opportunity to thank your customers, vendors, and employees and wish them another year of great luck. Our team at Hatteras can help you design, print, and mail customized cards to everyone you see fit. A very thoughtful printed card will stand out in the crowd of spam and junk emails. Show your people that you genuinely care with a custom-crafted print piece.

Custom Printed Apparel

The holidays are a great time to spend time with your friends and family, and if you choose to play an exchange game like “White elephant” or skip gifts altogether, custom t-shirts and hoodies for friends and family are a great way to lighten up your party. Our design team can help you design custom shirts with anything that you have in mind from family traditions to family inside jokes. Let us spread joy to your family by printing shirts made just for you.

Do you have an idea of how the Holidays can be highlighted through printed communications? Drop me an email (or card) and let me know what you think.

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