Parker McFarlane

Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Keegan, Merchandising & Screen Printing Intern

Where do you attend college, and what is your major?  What is your favorite class?  When is your projected graduation?  What do you plan to do after graduation?

I currently attend Central Michigan University with a major in Political Science. 

Binding Methods To Make Your Commercial Printing Project Shine

Binding Methods To Make Your Printing Project Shine


Saddle Stitch Binding

Suited for smaller...

Printing Services During the Holidays

Take advantage of Print Services This Holiday Season

All of us know that our in-boxes are flooded...

Employee Spotlight: Jeff Brethauer- Screen Printer and Embroidery Expert

What is your role at Hatteras?

I am part of the team that started the embroidery and screen...

How do you save money on the increasing prices of postage?

How to Save on Postage Expenses

By now, you probably know that on July 10, 2022, the United States...