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Employee Spotlight: Jeff Brethauer- Screen Printer and Embroidery Expert

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What is your role at Hatteras?

I am part of the team that started the embroidery and screen printing division that is named “I am Detroit”. I operate the embroidery machine daily. I also edit digitized files that are used for the creative artwork we are embroidering. I work alongside graphics to help create unique promotional items like custom tee-shirts, hoodies and other apparel using our screen printing presses.

What is the Typical Day Like?

My typical day starts by going over the day's production with fellow co-workers, setting up the screen printing and embroidery machines, and looking over what is being printed. One of my main responsibilities is to make sure everything we print looks perfect and is ready for our clients on time.

How Did You Start Your Career in Print?

I started in the printing industry when I was a teenager for my father, who owned a local print shop. While I worked for my family, I was looking to move to a commercial printing company near me. I accepted a job at McLaren hospital running their commercial printing center in 1990. I began working at Hatteras in 2009 while also running the print center at McLaren. In 2019 I was asked if I would consider learning a new trade. I had an opportunity to learn about embroidery and screen printing. I was able to create custom t-shirts and hats, which I eagerly accepted. I have liked learning this new part of our business. I get to be creative and also make fun and sometimes funny tee-shirts. I am currently working in our new facility in Plymouth.

How Long Have You Worked at Hatteras? Why Do You Like Working at Hatteras?

I have worked for Hatteras/I Am Detroit for over 13 years. I enjoy working for Hatteras because of the friendly and relaxed atmosphere. I love working with my co-workers because of their positive attitude towards work and are always working hard. I can confidently say that Hatteras Printing and I Am Detroit employees are my second family.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working at Hatteras?

I am frequently asked why I choose to drive from Lansing to Plymouth to work for Hatteras. My answer is pretty simple, working for a family-owned and operated business feels more personal than working for a large company. We are able to solve problems faster and communicate more effectively because of that. I enjoy coming to work every day and using embroidery and screen printing machinery. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see someone wearing custom hats and shirts that I produced.

Would You Recommend New Graduates or Young Adults to Look Into the Printing Industry?

I would highly recommend young adults, or any adults to join the printing industry. The environment around the industry is fast-paced and changes quickly, which makes me proud that Hatteras has invested in keeping up with the industry. I took a printing class while in high school and thoroughly enjoyed it. Lots of companies in the industry offer paid on the job training and several online resources can also help people in preparation for coming into the industry. Even though technology is always advancing, I personally feel like there will always be a need for commercial printing, on-demand digital printing and high detail embroidery in the future.

What Do You Enjoy Doing With Your Free Time?

I enjoy boating, camping and bicycle riding, pretty much anything outdoorsy. I also love spending time with my friends and family.

About Hatteras Inc.

Hatteras, Inc. is a full-service design, data, apparel, print, and mail company headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. Hatteras services major corporate partners in a broad cross-section of industries from automotive to healthcare to direct marketing to the public sector. Hatteras specializes in high-quality offset, digital, screen, and large format printing. For more information, visit www.4hatteras.com, call 313.624.3300 or email cservice@4hatteras.com.

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