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Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Keegan, Merchandising & Screen Printing Intern

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Where do you attend college, and what is your major?  What is your favorite class?  When is your projected graduation?  What do you plan to do after graduation?

I currently attend Central Michigan University with a major in Political Science.  My favorite class was Communications 120, and I am projected to graduate in the fall of 2024. My plans after graduation are to find a sales job and live independently.

Why would someone choose to do an internship at Hatteras? What are the advantages of doing an internship at Hatteras?

I chose Hatteras as an internship because of the versatility of work I would be doing on a daily basis. Hatteras is a commercial printer which means every day is a different experience. I find it very enjoyable to learn new skills and trades.  Being able to have a different learning experience every day, whether it's operating screen printing machinery, bindery machinery, doing deliveries, or working in the mailroom, every day is different and never boring.

What is your role at Hatteras? What is a typical day like?

I am the Swiss Army knife of an employee for Hatteras. I normally start my day with burning screens for jobs that need to be accomplished for that day. After burning screens, I print custom t-shirts, package the finished goods, recount the product and send it to shipping and receiving. If I am not producing custom shirts, hoodies or hats, I will assist in the book printing division.  I have learned to print, bind and trim custom-made books.

What do you like best about doing an internship at Hatteras?

The best part about doing an internship with Hatteras Printing is the warm and welcoming environment that they provide. The atmosphere in the building, I believe, is truly unmatched. I have had the amazing opportunity to build so many relationships with so many great people that I know I will keep in touch with after my internship.

What are some things you have learned while working at Hatteras that you can apply to your upcoming career?

One of the biggest things I have learned from Hatteras is the ability to communicate in a professional manner. Being able to initiate, hold and follow up after the conversation with several different types of staff members in different ways is something that I would have never learned if I didn't intern at Hatteras.

Would you recommend new graduates or young adults to look into the printing industry? Why or why not?

Absolutely. The print industry is so fast-paced, with a different agenda every day that makes you always on your toes and ready to learn. The printing industry is so interesting to learn about, and with new technology and techniques being born every year, there is always something new to learn.

What do you enjoy doing with your free time?

I enjoy water sports, listening to music and podcasts, as well as playing hockey for Central Michigan.

Do you have any advice for an intern entering this industry?

Having an open mind is the most useful tool when entering into the commercial printing industry. When I was recruited to intern at Hatteras, I knew absolutely nothing about the printing and what work I would be completing. Hatteras is one of the largest Detroit printing companies. I have learned a lot while working here. For example, I didn’t know they were a Michigan book printer. Having an open mind and the ability to be coachable will allow you to expand your mind and knowledge in an industry that has done nothing but treat me well.


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