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Employee Spotlight: Patrick - Hatteras Bindery Operator

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What is your role at Hatteras?

I am in production.  I mostly run a large cutter called Polar.  Most jobs we print need to be trimmed to a particular size before we print and then again after printing before they go into the bindery department. After I cut the printed sheets down, we may fold the paper to create brochures or pamphlets or the sheets may be laminated to create a custom book cover.  When I am not running a cutter, I help in other areas in the bindery department.  It is helpful to have more than one skill in this department.  We all work together to get the job done for our customers on time.   I like to stay busy and I am always keeping my work area clean.  

How Did You Start Your Career in Print?

I have been working in the printing industry for almost 50 years.  At the time, I had recently graduated high school and was looking to start my career.  My first print employer was AAA in the City of Detroit. 

Why Do You Like Working at Hatteras?

I have been working at Hatteras since 2019.  Hatteras purchased the company (NWC, Inc.) where I was previously employed.  Hatteras is a commercial printer which is a little different from where I worked before.  At Hatteras, we do a lot of different types of printing.  I decided to come along and it was a great decision.  I really like the people I work with.  Everyone at Hatteras is friendly and easy to get along with.  I like that Hatteras keeps investing in new equipment.  You can tell that Hatteras is interested in new technology and is always looking for new ways to help customers.   We moved into a nice new facility in Plymouth, Michigan.  I like working in our new state-of-the-art print shop.  I think our company is very professional in all areas.  

Would You Recommend New Graduates to Look Into the Printing Industry?

I would definitely recommend anyone looking for a new career to look at printing companies. Printing is a great career.  There are a lot of options with print.  There are different departments depending on what you are interested in.  If you like computers and design you can start in the graphics department.  These people get to be creative and come up with lots of cool designs.  If you are interested in printing you can train to be a press operator.  You get to work with your hands and learn something every day.  It takes serious technical skill to run a large printing press like we have at Hatteras.  Whatever department you decide it will be a fascinating ride. 

About Hatteras Inc.

Hatteras, Inc. is a full-service design, data, apparel, print, and mail company headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. Hatteras services major corporate partners in a broad cross-section of industries from automotive to healthcare to direct marketing to the public sector. Hatteras specializes in high-quality offset, digital, screen, and large format printing. For more information, visit www.4hatteras.com, call 313.624.3300 or email cservice@4hatteras.com.

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