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Mike Townes, Operations Manager of Hatteras - Career Corner Spotlight

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I am the Operations Manager of Hatteras with responsibility for the company's production supply chain. That chain has grown immensely in the 37 years I have been here

There were four employees when I started, and we have had as many as 100 working under me during my career at Hatteras. There is always something interesting happening here. 

I got interested in print early in my career. I had worked in some other printing companies along the way and in 1984 started working here at Hatteras, where I have helped to grow the company over the years. Hatteras is a great family company to work for and grow with. I have seen many people join us as we have expanded. 

My job over the years has grown quite a bit and has included everything from press operations and full bindery work in the printing plant, to managing teams of people. Before I became a manager I learned to run every piece of equipment. Since then, I have grown to become the Manager of Operations. 

My typical day at Hatteras is to ensure the production of our main products goes out on time. I check schedules and timetables of all working equipment. I check with production leaders to ensure our production and outside services are running smoothly. I am challenged to find experienced operators.  Print and Graphics is a skilled trade and we are always looking for new applicants with an eye for the small details who know how to run print, binder, and mail equipment.  Working for Hatteras has been a rewarding experience and career for me.  I enjoy working with everyone and it has been fun to see the growth in people and processes. When I first started with the company our facility was about 2,000 square feet. We are now in a 90,000 square-foot, first-class, state-of-the-art facility with some of the most modern equipment in the business. 

I have stayed at Hatteras because it is a great place to work. We have several employees who have also been here for decades. As the printing industry has evolved, we have changed to keep up and stay ahead of the curve. 

This would be a great place for someone to work that has the vision to see all of the opportunities that Hatteras now has to offer. After 45 years that the Nesbitts have owned the company, we have the ability to produce quality products that people can be proud of. 

Please visit our Careers page to learn more about working at Hatteras. I look forward to seeing your resume soon.


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Hatteras, Inc. is a full-service design, data, apparel, print, and mail company headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan. Hatteras services major corporate partners in a broad cross-section of industries from automotive to healthcare to direct marketing to the public sector. Hatteras specializes in high-quality offset, digital, screen, and large format printing. For more information, visit www.4hatteras.com, call 313.624.3300 or email cservice@4hatteras.com.

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