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Stay Competitive With Print and Mail Outsourcing

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Despite the significant increase in digital communications, transactional print and mail volume is still substantial. Nearly half of all transactional communications are sent to a consumer by mail. These communications include bills and statements, payment notices, and action notices. In the ever-growing services industry, staying competitive and meeting customer expectations require businesses to adapt and continually innovate.

In 2024, one strategic move that companies should consider is outsourcing their print and mail operations. Outsourcing these critical functions to specialized service providers like Hatteras offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, scalability, enhanced security, improved efficiency, and greater focus on core business activities.

Let’s explore why outsourcing print and mail operations is the strategic move for 2024, examining this approach's advantages and implications.

6 Benefits of Print and Mail Outsourcing

Outsourcing your print and mail:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase profitability
  • Free Up Floor Space
  • Free Up Resources
  • Enhance Your Brand
  • Ensure Compliance

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1. Reduce Overall Operational Costs

When outsourcing to vendors like Hatteras, clients benefit from lower per-unit costs. Print and mail service providers leverage their buying power to save clients money. They can purchase large quantities of paper, ink, envelopes, and other supplies at significantly lower costs than many individual businesses. 

Because print and mail providers produce such a large volume of mail, they utilize presorting automation and receive bulk discounts to secure lower client postage rates. With postage rates increasing several times yearly, this is an important cost factor to watch and analyze. 

2. Increase Profitability and Efficiency

Managing an in-plant print and mail operation is complicated, expensive, and time-consuming. Deciding to outsource print and mail responsibilities frees your employees' time and floor space. Your staff can stay focused on more critical tasks and possibly pause additional staff hiring to fulfill the daily print and mail requirements.

Moving your operations offsite allows for the redeployment of daily activities to higher-value assignments focusing on your core business. Maintaining expensive equipment on-site, properly training personnel, and keeping up with demand represents a significant financial investment.

Rent and the overhead costs of maintaining a building are escalating in 2024. Save money by moving the burden of additional costs to an outsourced vendor like Hatteras. Print and mail outsourcing further reduces expenses compared to in-plant operations by eliminating the need for in-house maintenance, expensive IT support, dedicated staff, and skilled equipment operators.

3. Gain Access to Top Expertise

Instead of ensuring your employees are experts on everything print and mail, lean on someone else to help ensure your letters are printed correctly and mailed on time. Staying current with the constantly changing mailing requirements and compliance is a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Work with a print and mail outsourcing provider that has established best practices and drives innovation. A quality outsourcing vendor will invest in the most up-to-date printing and mailing technologies and competent employees who are experts in the field. These experts work with the United States Postal Service daily and understand NCOA, CASS Certification, EDDM, address change, skip tracing, and certified mail. 

4. Ensure Security and Compliance Requirements Are Met

The best print and mail outsourcing providers prioritize data security and compliance. These companies, like Hatteras, meet and maintain the strictest data security, regulatory, and compliance requirements, which are verifiable through regular audits for HIPAA, PCI, and SOC2 compliance. These organizations also have robust business continuity plans in place. These plans ensure sensitive information is protected and communications remain unaffected during business disruptions like natural disasters or power outages.

Many providers have fully redundant equipment in case of equipment failures or maintenance issues. Partnering with a print and mail vendor allows you to be in front of new technologies and innovation because you are partnering with industry experts who have invested in new technologies, so you don’t have to. Your company image and overall brand benefit from this expertise with the latest tools available, which can enhance quality and present your company in the best possible light.

5. Print Sustainably

Print and mail outsourcing can contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing paper consumption and waste generation associated with traditional print processes. Find a print and mail outsourcing provider who is committed to environmental sustainability. These providers implement eco-friendly practices such as digital printing and use recycled paper while implementing energy-efficient technologies to minimize environmental impact and support corporate sustainability goals.

In conclusion, print and mail outsourcing is the strategic move in 2024, offering numerous advantages, including cost savings, enhanced security, improved efficiency, and greater focus on core business activities. While challenges and considerations exist, the benefits of outsourcing outweigh the risks, allowing companies to adapt to market dynamics, drive innovation, and maintain a competitive edge. As companies navigate the complexities of an increasingly interconnected and competitive landscape, outsourcing print and mail operations can play a critical role in shaping their success and future sustainability. 

Hatteras is a Full-Service Print and Mail Provider

We offer comprehensive solutions catering to businesses' intricate needs across various sectors. As a full-service provider, Hatteras brings an extensive array of capabilities, from traditional printing techniques to cutting-edge digital and variable data printing (VDP), to ensure that every piece of communication is personalized and impactful. 

Beyond printing, our mail services are meticulously designed to streamline the distribution process, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of your materials. Whether direct mail campaigns, corporate communications, or promotional materials, Hatteras strives to elevate your marketing strategies, enhance your brand's visibility, and drive engagement. 

Outsource your print and mail operations with us today. To learn more about how Hatteras can help save you time and money on your print and mail operations, contact us today on our website or request a quote to discuss your project in more detail. 

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