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Selecting a Financial Services Revenue Recovery Print and Mail Provider

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Clearly communicating your message to your consumers or clients is critical to any industry but even more important to those in the Account Recovery Management (ARM)  and Financial Services industries due to the nature and variety of messages to convey on a daily basis.

From financial statement mailing to newsletters and even to a friendly happy birthday correspondence, it's important to always send the right message. Selecting a partner in delivering your message is key to ensuring any revenue recovery message you communicate is received.

Revenue Recovery Security Standards

Probably the most important and impactful question for any ARM company to ask is: Does your provider have and maintain the highest physical and data security standards to protect not only yours but your customers’ information?  

Ask for proof of certification of AIPCA SOC 1 & SOC2 (service organization control), as well as any PCI (payment card industry) compliance standards. This is the bare minimum in data and physical security.  You will want to also ensure that any applicable security standards for your specific industry are in place as well, such as HIPAA for the healthcare industry or FISMA for federal agencies.

Socially Responsible Statement Mailing

Does the provider match your required and/or company ideals in terms of environment responsibility, such as being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council  https://fsc.org/en?  What about social equity in terms of using a minority supplier, like a women-owned company certified by the WBENC https://www.wbenc.org/certification/?. It’s one thing to say you are socially responsible and even better to show that you are certified in upholding the standard.

Statement Mailing Medium Variety

What is the message you are trying to convey and how do you want to send it?  Does your statement mailer offer an array of paper and envelope types and sizes?  Maybe you would rather send a postcard or a self-mailer instead of a letter.  Maybe you are also looking for business cards, signage, and marketing materials. Utilizing a provider that can provide all of these services is a great way of ensuring consistent branding, marketing, and cohesive communication throughout your company and with your customers. 

Revenue Recovery Industry Knowledge & Experience

There’s a big difference between a vendor and a partner that provides consultation on services. You’re not a print and mail expert, that’s why you want to utilize a print partner that has experience and expertise in your industry. But is your mailer knowledgeable not only in the uniqueness of your industry when it comes to any specific rule and regulations but also experts in working with the USPS and other delivery companies?  

The best providers are those that are involved in your industry-related associations e.g. Mortgage Broker Association https://www.mba.org/ or Association of Credit and Collection Agencies https://www.acainternational.org.

Deliverability Flexibility  

There are a plethora of ways of communicating a message to a consumer or client. A single line of communication is not always best; one method does not fit all. 

Consumers, companies, and individuals have unique needs and preferences. Evaluate that your provider can support all the methods of communication you want to provide:  mail, secure email, secure portal messages, texting, package delivery, etc. 

The more options you provide, the faster you’ll be able to deliver your communications in the way your consumers desire. 

Finding a print and mail partner, be it in the revenue recovery industry or beyond, that can provide you with the security, quality, flexibility, and expertise you need in the financial services industry is not easy but is available through FocusOne, a division of Hatteras, Inc. 


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