James Nesbitt

R2000 Latex Printer

Amaze your viewers with the quality, creativity, and intelligence of your large-format visuals.

Large format requirements can vary greatly but certain things are constant. Vivid color and scratch-resistant print are non-negotiable. Your product needs to look amazing indoors or outdoors from any viewing distance. Hatteras has the technology and color experience to make sure your visual images come to life.

Scrap Your Direct Mail Plan

If your current plan with direct mail looks a lot like most companies’ plans, scrap it.

3 Reasons Your Printing Company Should Use Upgraded Equipment

Should I Care if My Printing Company Upgrades Their Print and Bindery Equipment?


Hatteras installs new HP R2000 latex printer expanding our large format printing capabilities.

The R2000 allows us to print on virtually any material, from rigid to flexible. The colors are...