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Scrap Your Direct Mail Plan

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If your current plan with direct mail looks a lot like most companies’ plans, scrap it.

Most direct mail plans look something like this: 

  1. Spend a bunch of time and money on creative work.
  2. Try to spend as little as possible on the printing of your mail piece.
  3. Have someone in IT get a list from Somewhere Really Good.
  4. Mail the hell out of your masterpiece.
  5. Track the hell out of how fast your mail gets delivered.
  6. Wait for people to buy your stuff.

It’s a waste of money. Don’t be like most companies. Most companies miss the MOST VALUABLE opportunities that direct mail provides.

Today’s focus on digital marketing places a disproportionate value on, “impressions” and “views”. 

A huge majority of email marketing is ignored outright. Many recipients are just burned out from the sheer volume of messages they receive. Others won’t open any digital marketing from a brand they don’t recognize for fear of scams. 

Direct Mail is a fantastic way to reach your audience. In an overcrowded world of digital communications, direct mail is unique in its ability to capture attention. In fact, 72% of consumers read direct mail immediately or the same day they get their mail. 

Direct mail gives your brand a powerful sense of credibility. This is important when 73% of consumers are concerned when they receive an email from a brand they don’t know. Phishers and hackers don’t use direct mail. EVEN BETTER is the fact that your direct mail can be just as trackable and much more engaging than digital marketing used alone. 

Make sure that your company is using personalized marketing and tracking tools for your next direct mail campaign. A typical program can be as simple as a personalized URL (PURL) and a personalized QR code which redirects your recipient to your current Call to Action. During that redirect, you can capture exactly who engaged with your mail even if they do not complete your call to action. 

From that simple personalized redirect you can add personalized landing pages, follow up text messages or emails or even hyper-personalized follow up direct mail pieces which help drive your recipients to act on your call to action. All of this is trackable and reportable in real time as your recipients engage with your mail.

30-40% of direct mail recipients report visiting a brand's website after receiving direct mail. The problem is if you don’t know who those people are, you can’t help nudge them over the finish line and actually ACT on your Call to Action.

Let Hatteras help you learn who is engaging with your direct mail. If you’re in charge of your company's direct mail marketing you are competing with digital marketers who are saying direct mail is dead. Let us make your direct mail…

  1. Trackable, see exactly who engages with it in real time
  2. Engaging and effective with 30 - 40% better response rates

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