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Who Should (and Shouldn't) Use EDDM?

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Last month we touched on defining what an EDDM mailing is. If you missed that blog you can read it here. As promised, this article will discuss who should and who shouldn’t use EDDM mailings for their marketing campaigns. 

We see a lot of small businesses that are successful with EDDM marketing mailings. These mailings allow them to reach a larger audience and then evaluate who and where their ideal prospects are. Small businesses also tend to take advantage of the postage discounts that are available with EDDM mailings.

We tend to see that service businesses typically have the most success with EDDM mailing campaigns. Additional industries often include real estate firms, car washes, retail stores, dry cleaners, doctors and dentist offices, hair salons, car dealerships, landscape companies, pest control, handyman services, and daycare centers. These are all places that most of us visit or services we use regularly. It is not a super specific niche product or service.

If your business has a specific clientele, EDDM mailings are probably not the best choice. Professional consulting, vegan beauty products or baking, motorcycle parts retail store, left-handed store, vinyl record store, college bookstore, blow-out hair services, book restoration services, male grooming products, Cat training services, faith-based charities, and credit card processing services are all companies that we would recommend trying a more specific mailing campaign.

We have listed some additional indicators below that may help you make a decision if EDDM is right for your next marketing campaign:

  • You don’t have a mailing list.
  • You do not have the budget to purchase a mailing list
  • You want to canvas an entire area of homes or businesses
  • You need to target specific demographics.
  • You’d like to target an entire zip code(s).
  • You want to target individual carrier delivery routes.
  • You are primarily targeting residential customers.
  • You’re working with a limited budget.
  • You don’t have a specific timeline or time constraint
  • You do not have a postage permit
  • You are ok with limiting the number of mail pieces to 5000 a day
  • You have the time (or someone in your family or organization does) to sort and package your mail pieces for the USPS

Still not sure? Call us at 313-624-3300 and we can talk it over or click here for more information from the USPS.

Be sure to catch us next month when we will be discussing design ideas for EDDM mailings. 

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