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Quality Embroidery Decorating is Threaded Into the Finer Details

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It is the little things that matter most when choosing an embroidery decorating partner. 

Not aLl embroidery is the same.

There is good embroidery, bad embroidery, and mediocre embroidery. While a machine does the actual work, there is a great deal of skill involved in preparing the garment for the machine. When you are using embroidery on a product to represent your company, team, or organization, you want it to look the best and last the longest. 

Pay very close attention to the details that quality embroidery conveys. After all, it’s your company image, don’t you want to present it in the highest quality possible? It is very important to choose a reliable company to partner with. Make sure you ask the right questions and stay in control of the buying process.

The Questions to Ask to Ensure Quality Embroidery Decorating

What Type of EMBROIDERY Thread Will They Use? 

Not all threads are the same. Some cheaper threads will not hold up to repeated washings and especially dry cleaning. Many high-volume embroidery shops will use the cheaper Nylon thread instead of a premium Rayon thread that will look better and last longer. 

How Does the EMBROIDERY Art Look?

Are your color standards all being met? Make sure your logo or artwork is what you envisioned it to be. Review a picture or a sample of your garment first. If you do not like it, speak up! This is very critical and needs to be examined before signing off on a job. 

Will Your EMBROIDERY Design Pucker or Become Distorted After Washing?

Mismatching of backing, too much thread pull in digitizing, and improper thread tension is all issues that can cause a design to pucker. Make sure you review a stitched sample of the product you are buying, before buying it. Does it convey the quality you expected?

Do They Own Their Own EMBROIDERY Equipment or do They Outsource the Work?

Many promotional products companies send their embroidery out to other companies to do the actual work. By doing so they forfeit quality control and add unnecessary cost markups. It is a good idea to ask them if they will be doing the work.

Does Every Product Have a High-Quality EMBROIDERED Look When It Gets Delivered?

This may sound unethical but there are some embroidery shops that will bury their mistakes in your order at the bottom of the box. Make certain that you check it in and review your order when it gets back to you.

Will You Get Your EMBROIDERY Products on Time?

This is the most common complaint among customers of other decorating companies. Please make sure that you and the vendor you select agree on the timetable of your project. When will it be completed? When should you expect it?

Do They Guarantee Their EMBROIDERY Work?

If it doesn’t meet your approval you should not make the purchase. This is a very important point and should be greatly considered.

Why Choose Hatteras for Embroidery Decorating

At Hatteras, we guarantee all of our work to your satisfaction. We decorate and stitch all of our garments in-house on our own machines. We use high-quality polyneon threading and supplies. We produce quality stitched and decorated products on-time and on-schedule.  Our customers know that our stitching and decorating quality is threaded into the finer details.

Custom Embroidery from Hatteras


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