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What Is Speciality Advertising and Why Should I Invest In It?

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Speciality advertising, also known as promotional merchandise, consists of products branded with a company or brand’s logo or slogan and distributed at little or no cost to promote a brand, corporate identity, or event.

Such products, which are often informally called “promo products,” “swag,” “tchotchkes,” “trinkets” or “freebies,” are used in marketing and sales. Speciality advertising promotional items are certainly not a new method to drum up sales. It is believed that Jasper Meek started using burlap bags to promote his business back in 1886 and was nicknamed “The Father of Promotional Products.”

How Is Speciality Advertising Different Than Product Samples?

Businesses are always trying to find unique or creative ways to get their brand in front of their target audience. One of the most trusted sales methods –: face-to-face, in-person meetings – is still on pause due to COVID, with many companies still working in a hybrid environment. Another option that many companies are investing in is giving away free speciality advertising or promotional items to customers or prospects.

The online business magazine PowerHomeBiz believes that “giving away promotional items is a way to establish rapport and increase brand awareness. Speciality advertising is different from product samples, which are free products that you sell. Understanding how and when to use speciality advertising and using them in your media planning can help you expand your messaging, increase customer loyalty and generate new sales.”

Many marketing firms agree that promotional products are one of the most affordable sales tools today. In 2021, the sales for promotional products in the US reached almost 18 billion dollars. These numbers are expected to rise again in 2022.

The Proven Benefits of Speciality Advertising

Investing in speciality advertising has many benefits. This article focuses on the primary benefit: ongoing exposure. People who invest in speciality advertising understand the ongoing exposure they gain with their customers and/or prospects.

Here are some findings.

  • Research from group savings website Windfall has shown that 90% of people who receive promotional products use the product at least once a week, and 87% keep a promotional product for longer than a year.
  • The marketing firm PROmotion, LLC suggests that a single promotional item will average 334 impressions each month and 89% of people who receive an advertising specialty gift have a more favorable opinion of the brand.

Smart marketers know that giving their customers promotional items will continually get their name and brand exposed every day. When customers/prospects are writing with pens that have your branded logo on them or drinking their coffee out of a cup with your logo on it or wearing a t-shirt with your company embroidered on it, they are receiving repeated exposure not just with one person but with all the people that are around them.

Companies of All Sizes Can Benefit from Speciality Advertising

Virtually all businesses, organizations, clubs, schools, non-profits, independent reps, associations, teams, schools, and agents can benefit from using speciality advertising. It does not matter if you are a large international business or a small local business, speciality advertising can help build your brand recognition.

At Hatteras, we understand speciality advertising and promotional items. We are a member of the ASI association which allows us to offer more products and better savings to our clients. We can help you create a budget for your investment. Our creative team will assist with your design and our buyers can work with you on new and exciting items for your giveaways.

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